Welcome to the Sav

Here are the bios of the guys and gals of Savoir Plunk


Chris (Sir Fez) Carr

Chris Carr aka 'Sir Fez' has been writing songs and playing in bands since University. Previously a member of the 8 piece ukulele ensemble 'Ukulele Circus' playing the 8 String ukulele, Cajon Drum and Vocals. Currently Sir Fez is the resident skin basher for Savoir Plunk. CC's day gig is being the Chief Ukulele Guy at the Ukulele Trading Co Australia

Young Chris in black and white He's more colourful nowadays


Colin Falconer

Colin has spent much of his life as a professional musician. Working as a Session Guitarist in London's Tin Pan Alley, playing in combos and big bands, teaching guitar and music theory. Colin, as Shelley says, 'was dragged to the dark side', and now plays lead ukulele, chromatic harmonica and sings with Savoir Plunk.   Here are a couple of old photos of Colin:

Colin in his teens Colin, not in his teens


Dave Taylor

Dave is our intrepid bass player. You've most probably seen Dave playing bass in Bluegrass Bands, but he's scaled down to playing a ukulele Ubass (the size of a pussycat, the sound of a lion). Dave lends his vocal talent to the group and 'secretly' plays great lead ukulele as well. 


Jodie aka Priscilla Steampunk

Jodie is our: glockenspieling, melodican, singing, ukulele playing gal. With a background in everything from saxophone to piano.


                                                                              PHOTOS TO COME


Shelley Wigley

Shelley's been an entertainer since she was a child. Playing ukulele, violin, piano and percussion, she also gives the band her distinctive vocal talent. Give her a microphone and she'll wow you.

What a cute kid Shelley 'The Entertainer'


From left to right: Colin, Shelley, Chris, Dave and Jodie